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COPER offers intensive and exhaustive training in the field of Psycho-oncology through class room teachings, clinical conferences, seminars, journal club, small discussion groups, and on a one-on-one basis. The clinical internship provides hands-on practical training in cancer management. The courses and programs are as follows:

COPER, by virtue of its association with premier cancer hospitals in the country, offers intensive clinical training in its programs. Students will gain the skills and experience necessary to independently evaluate and treat complex psychosocial problems. The various teaching and training programs offer students a unique opportunity to participate with several multidisciplinary teams. The unique inter-professional practice environment, in which students will be intimately involved, provides many opportunities for them to develop their assessment and intervention skills.


COPER’s broad areas of research interest:

  1. Preventive Oncology.
  2. Explore Psychological distress in cancer.
  3. Psychoneuroimmunology (Mind-Body nexus):
  4. End-of-life Care.
  5. Role of Complementary psychological therapies.

While the Research Division of COPER strives to undertake high quality research and build a sound data base in the field of Psycho-oncology in India, it lays great emphasis on high quality research through ethical practice in the conduct of research. To this end, COPER has developed the ethical and scientific standards for carrying out psychosocial and biomedical research on human subjects, based on International guidelines. The ethical standards defined by COPER are enforceable rules for conduct for research in the field of Psycho-oncology. COPER commits members and students and affiliates to comply with the standards of COPER Ethics Code and to the rules and procedures used to enforce them.


The clinical division of COPER offers psychosocial supports to patients and their families in an atmosphere of calm and comfort, with due respect to individual’s privacy and confidentiality.

COPER covers a vast ground of Oncological care from prevention-to-palliation-to-life after cancer and bereavement. Members of the clinical division are highly qualified and trained professionals who offer professional psychological supports to the individual as well as their family throughout the cancer journey.

YANA : You Are Not Alone... is a human chain that lends a helping hand to the individuals touched by cancer.

It extends its helping hand by providing information and resource support, and helpline services (blood donors, home care etc), emotional / social support, *financial aid etc.

* Donations are Tax exempt under 80G

A Journey made smooth

We make the cancer journey smooth by providing assistance in the following areas:


COPER as the leader in Psycho-oncology has to its credit, another first- the Neruo psycho-oncology program!

Neuro psycho-oncology is the scientific study of brain-behavior relationships and includes understanding of higher mental functions such as memory, intelligence, attention, concentration, language, learning, sensory-motor abilities etc. It includes neuropsychological assessment, treatment, rehabilitation, education and vocational planning. The program provides a wide range of assessment and treatment services for children, adolescents, adults and geriatric patients. The service provides neuro-cognitive therapies such as memory and language retraining and vocational guidance.

The Psychosocial oncology program is open to all cancer patients and their families from any hospital, with or without referrals.

To schedule an appointment with the Psycho-oncology Clinical Division, please contact:

Centre of Psychooncology for Education and Research (COPER)
“Sanchitha”, 206, 39th Cross
5th Block Jayanagar, Bangalore.
Phone: +91 - 080 - 65630099 / 41230024.

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