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  • Independent building to house all the activities of COPER.

  • Well-equipped library, computers, fax, telecommunication, audio-visual aids, psychometric tools and tests, cognitive assessment and training laboratory, internet, and satellite connectivity.

  • Tele medicine and Tele education facility being set up by the Indian Space Research Organization, Government of India. This facility will offer connectivity with various cancer centers in the country to undertake Psychooncology teaching and training programs and offer Psychooncology support to patients.

  • COPER has a strong pool of oncology faculty (representing various specializations) drawn from premier cancer centers across the country.
  • The students of COPER will have access to a vast pool of patients (close to 100,000 cancer patients per year) from across the country, representing various religious and ethnic groups.

Several self-help (patient support group) groups from across the country are involved in the program.



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